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What Has Changed in MIUI 7? Check Here For Details


G'day MIUIers!

August 2015 has been the most anticipated month of the year for all MIUI fans. August has brought us MIUI's 5th anniversary of gracing our mobile devices, exciting news of new product launches, and of course, the launch of MIUI 7!
Several contests were created in the wake of MIUI's 5th birthday and the triumphant arrival of MIUI 7 which saw hundreds of excellent Creative designs using the V7 logo, numerous greetings videos from various users of the forum (try to spot them all in the final birthday video), over 100 entries in the MIUI&Mestory telling contest, and an easy way for all users to win Mi credits in this short quiz.
But of all occasions so far, the major update of MIUI 7 Developer ROM has been the hot topic of the forum , and for good reason too. Now let's get into some of the improvements of MIUI 7

New Settings arrangment:
Navigating through the settings app was often a daunting task for new MIUI users. With so many different options it proved to be quite tricky to navigate to the desired target. MIUI 7 has taken care of this issue by altering and improving the layout.

7 sections, with 33 total entries results in a cluttered and unnecessary layout.

5 sections, with 22 entries categorized more efficiently. I call that an excellent improvement!


Better Toggles style:
MIUI 6's toggles albeit stylish and unique, could sometimes cause confusion as to whether they were enabled or disabled. Once again MIUI 7 has rescued us from our befuddlement.

With only a slight illumination of toggles, telling enabled/disabled toggles apart was tricky for some users
Brightly circled toggles clearly indicate which are enabled and which are not
Notification blocking in notification shade:
An all new feature that has appeared in MIUI 7 is the ability to block certain app's notifications from the status bar/notification panel, and using this feature couldn't be easier.

We now have a new icon in the notifications panel. We can use this to block unwanted notifications from apps.



Redesigned app icons:
MIUI 7 may seem to be the same with MIUI 6 at first glance, but there're many changes in details if you see carefully. One of them is app icons changes. MIUI designers have modified several apps' icons to make them look better in MIUI 7.

Improved battery life and system performance:
By far the most important development from MIUI 7 has been the battery and performance improvements.



MIUIers will be thrilled to know that MIUI 7 has enhanced the battery usage from MIUI 6 by 10% (based on average to moderate usage), And increased system performance by 30%
Which means less time waiting, and more juice in your pocket!
Let's check out the system performance and battery life improvement in vidoes:

Design by C.Wijaya

So these are some changes I noticed in MIUI 7. There are a lot more waiting for us to explore. What changes have you found? Leave a comment and share with us. 4MITECH
for part two check out this thread: MIUI 7 - Part two
So which is your favourite new feature?


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